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For Supervisees

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Supervision and Consultation

Online and In Person

Bambi is integrative in her approach to treatment but relies heavily on the therapeutic relationship as an agent of healing.  She is passionate about learning and loves to share knowledge and opportunities with others. She offers a relaxed and supportive environment for her supervisees and believes that mistakes can be a catalyst for growth and learning.

Supervision and Consultation Rates

Clinical Supervision for LCSW

 $75 per hour for individual

$50 hourly per supervisee for group

Play Therapy Supervision  for becoming a RPT

Play Therapy and LCSW Supervision: $85 per hour

Play Therapy Supervision/Consultation: $75 per hour for individual

 $50 hourly per supervisee for group

EMDR Consultation

Limited Discounted Rates (only 5 spots)

EMDR Consultation for Certification: $50 per individual hour

$75 hourly for EMDR Consultation for Certification regular rate

**I can currently only provide 15 of the 20 hours required for certification**

**The last five will be provided by a consultant**

$40 hourly  per consultee for group

**Other rates and combinations can be discussed and negotiated** 

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